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Clean Obsessed Commercial Upright Vacuum

CLEAN OBSESSED DUAL MTR UPT. 15” PATH, 90” H2O, COGGED BELT, HEPA, 50′ CORD (Not Tools-On-Board, but comes with 7′ Hose Attachment Kit)

The Clean Obsessed 201 Commercial Upright Vacuum features a powerful commercial, heavy duty 1,000W dual motor system that deep cleans in just ONE PASS! It utilizes a detachable 7′ accessory hose with an ergonomically designed handle for convenient above-the-floor cleaning; and full tool kit. There is also a new powerful HEPA filtration system that can easily be changed with just a push of a button. The filter bags hold an extra large capacity of up to 10 quarts of dirt and debris.

Since the Clean Obsessed 201 Commercial Upright Vacuum is a two motor system it uses one motor that provides the suction and the other motor turns the brushroll for carpeted surfaces. The built-in circuit breaker will automatically turn off the brushroll to protect the motor and the carpet if the unit senses a jam of the brushroll thus preventing the belt from breaking or any other damage. It also features a self adjusting head, geared drive belt, and the Perfect® quick change cord system for the pigtail cord that plugs into a 50 foot heavy duty extension cord so there is less down time or costly repairs.

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