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S65 Deluxe Cordless Stick Vacuum

s65 deluxe cordless stick vacuum

Choose the S65D cordless stick vacuum as a portable, multi-purpose cleeaning machine for a host of surfaces. Eliminate pet hair on furniture, stairs, car upholstery and area rugs. The S65 gives you ultimate maneuverability and cleaning power.

  • Includes all the tools and attachments as the S65 Standard, plus you get a pet tool and an upholstery tool
  • Use as a handheld or a stick vac
  • Includes a HEPA media filter to capture particles 0.03 microns or larger
  • Up to 30 minutes runtime based on speed used, floor surface, charge level and age of battery

Why Should You Choose An Air Lion Recommended Vacuum?

You’ll be purchasing a vacuum that is at the top of it’s market for affordability, effectiveness, and simplicity. If you’re looking for a vacuum to clean your home, look no further than the vacuums recommended by Air Lion.

s65 deluxe cordless stick vacuum

Traps allergens

Removes viruses

Reduces dust

Versatile options

Medical grade

Improves air quality

s65 deluxe cordless stick vacuum


Traps bad odors



Easy to use

Low maintenance

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