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Aura Cleaning System

aura cleaning system vacuum

Designed for those who wants the best cleaning system.

The traditional vacuum cleaner was designed to collect dust and dirt into a bag with pores. Even though the pores of these ‘dust-bags’ might seem small to us, they are large enough for fine dust particles, microbes and other living entities invisible to the naked eye to easily pass through. For this reason, dust-bag systems spew out dust and microbes into the home environment when operated. Furthermore, the airflow of these pores, which clog up within a short period of time, gets cut off, thus hindering the cleaning process.

How is Aura Cleaning System different?

Unlike traditional vacuums, Aura utilizes nature’s most important element…water, which is the cleanest, safest, and most pore-free filter system available. The advantages of water’s properties combined with high suction power, provide uninterrupted and effective cleaning. Dust is pulled and then trapped in the water basin while your home is revitalized with an aura of fresh, breathable air. This is why the Aura system is essential to any healthy home.

Why Should You Choose An Air Lion Recommended Vacuum?

You’ll be purchasing a vacuum that is at the top of it’s market for affordability, effectiveness, and simplicity. If you’re looking for a vacuum to clean your home, look no further than the vacuums recommended by Air Lion.

aura cleaning system vacuum

Traps allergens

Removes viruses

Reduces dust

Versatile options

Medical grade

Improves air quality

aura cleaning system vacuum


Traps bad odors



Easy to use

Low maintenance

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